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SOFTTEST PAYS support Defence Industry and their Supplier chains ensuring employees and sub-contractors are security cleared and win business in this rapidly evolving digital market

AGSVA Baseline and NV1 Security Clearances

SOFTTEST PAYS is a member of the Defence Industry Security Program(DISP).

SOFTTEST  Pays sponsors Australian Government Security Clearances at the Baseline, Negative Vetting 1(NVI). SOFTTEST  Pays sponsorship is not dependent on a defence or government contract or task and can be retained while on task and in breaks between tasks. 

Annual Security Awareness to be completed every year to be compliant with Security clearances:  open.adele.edu.au and create your account.

You will be asked for an enrolment key which is: AnnualSecAware22  Also need to read and acknowledge the Softtestpays Security Policy Principles EL SPP-Softtestpays 16052023

Have you got MyGovid mobile app ? if not you need to get that one for this security clearance process.  https://www.mygovid.gov.au/

Security Clearances granted by AGSVA are recognised within Government Departments , Defence and Industry

Security Officer


DISP Security Clearances



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